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Amusing Customer Service at McDonald’s

Yes, I went once…

I was feeling a bit peckish. I walk into McDonald’s to get a cheeseburger. Just a cheeseburger. They are small and perfect for a person of the peckish persuasion. I’m the only customer in the whole place. I order. The lady behind the counter gives me my change and says, “you’ll be number 160”. I say, “Thanks” and confirm that I am the only customer in the place. She turns around and takes two steps to the heating pad where pre-made cheeseburgers anxiously await their fate, picks one up and places it on a tray. She then turns around and places the tray on the counter in front of me (I haven’t moved). Still holding onto the tray, she looks into the air above my head and says, “Order 160”. I look at her. Silence. I say, “I have number 160”. She slides me the tray.

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